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It all started in 1986, when former successful kart driver Albino Parolin decided to move his passion for karting from the track to a small workshop. The economic resources to succeed in motorsports were not at Parolin’s disposal, so young Albino began to build the first frames and engines on behalf of third parties, and servicing talented drivers as Giancarlo Fisichella.

The capabilities of Parolin collected important appreciations all over Europe in early Nineties – when the time came to launch the very first Parolin-branded chassis. The brand new chassis achieved its first victories and relevant results both at national and international levels. In just a few years, Parolin name got always more popular, until reaching North American and Asian markets. The innovative and creative appeal with which Parolin faced the karting environment needs have been the main features that set Company apart from its competitors.


As the new millennium came, Parolin Group got larger and the new factory was built. While drivers as Hamilton, Rosberg, Piccini and Speed were obtaining worldwide successes, Parolin heads decided to invest in technologies and new generation CNC machines, which are nowadays one of the strongest values of the Company.

In 2005 the marketing department launched Championkart single-brand series, a promotional reality that has become a milestone of Italian karting panorama, and which is aiming to expand itself all over the world. Moreover, in the Italian territory, the national federation chose Parolin as its partner for the Delfini promotional project in 2008. This activity is one of the most effective tools to combine karting with educational purposes, in order to create interest among kids, schools and local authorities.


A decisive year for Parolin Group was 2010, when the production was extended to engines as well. The new duo Parolin-Fim convinced the CIK-FIA and won the tender for two prestigious categories as the Under 18 World Championship and the World Academy Trophy are. This action by Parolin opened further markets for the Company, and after three years of successful collaboration, the highest motorsport authority re-elected Parolin Group as its exclusive partner for the future.

Strong of its history and experience, Parolin Group can boast of several functioning internal departments as technical engineering, CNC machining, welding, assembling, storage, quality control, marketing, commercial and administration. Each of them is ready to face the next challenge with a constantly growing enthusiasm!

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